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R E V I V A L (Premiere) @ Triskelion Arts Center

  • Triskelion Arts Center 106 Calyer Street Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

DO YOUR WORST  - Guest Curated Series: Boom Bat Gesture Performance Group



R E V I V A L : so you're thinking this? no actually, not at all, like, the opposite is a re-look at a "failed" collaboration that we embarked on during the summer of 2014. As collaborators, we were unsteady; as makers, we were all over the place.  We had ten different dances that we wanted to make, and we couldn't tear them apart. We would start a new one every week. It was, you could say, the worst. So, what happens when we attempt to recover the ideas and dynamics we abandoned three years ago? Have we changed? Has the work changed? Can we understand what we were trying to explain? Can we do it better?

AMITY JONES and KIRSTEN SCHNITTKER are dancers who also like to make things, often together. They met in NYC while working on a project with a canary torsi two years after college. It’s important to know that Amity is from the Oregon Coast and Kirsten is from the Colorado foothills. They have danced in each others’ work in NYC and Newport, OR – Kirsten’s Yours And Our Devices (2015) and New Performer (2017) and Amity’s Quite on Hold (2016).