R E V I V A L : a feartool tale of two takes aim at the problematic nature of combining friendship with collaboration. Where does the naval-gazing end and also, where does the enabling end? In picking up previously abandoned choreography and assembling it into snappy vignettes evoking everything we love (and love to hate) about dance, we consider the origins of our presumptions of what is good and what is bad, as well as our friendship. Things start to bubble up out of such sincerity, and we find ourselves facing off with our backwoodsman hired hand, our still-tender adult disillusionment, preoccupying thoughts about our own indoctrination via the Pledge of Allegiance, a laissez-faire approach to sexual expression, dance world social angst, and, finally, a deep hopefulness that the magic we find in being together can be extended outward into the universe making us, and everything, ok.

AMITY JONES and KIRSTEN SCHNITTKER are dancers who also like to make things, often together. They met in NYC while working on a project with a canary torsi two years after college. It’s important to know that Amity is from the Oregon coast and Kirsten is from the Colorado foothills. They have danced in each others’ work in NYC and Newport, OR – Kirsten’s Yours And Our Devices (2015) and New Performer (2017) and Amity’s Quite on Hold (2016). 




September 22, 28 & 30, 2017

Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn

DO YOUR WORST - Guest Curated Series: Boom Bat Gesture Performance Group


November 10, 2017

Bizarre Bushwick, Brooklyn

Poseidon's Pleasure Cavern curated by Rubycon



Choreography & Performance by Kirsten Schnittker & Amity Jones

Sound, set & costumes by Kirsten Schnittker & Amity Jones

Assistant Performer: Samuel Hanson

Costume & prop consultant: Jax Rodriguez